Help Lola And April Turner Get Back Home

Don't Let 7 Years Go By Before Lola and April Turner Finish Rebuilding

April and Lola Turner, are sisters from a big family of 7 all born and raised in New Orleans.  As the seventh year since Hurricane Katrina’s devastating effects approaches, the Turner sisters are STILL trying to rebuild their home that their mother bought when April was a teenager. Unfortunately Mrs. Turner died in 2009 never seeing her home fully recovered from the 50,000 dollars worth of damage it incurred from Hurricane Katrina.

After getting help from various church groups to gut the house, sadly April and Lola Tuner’s Road Home funds were defrauded by a contractor who promised to do the work necessary to make their home safe and livable.  PNOLA began working with the Turners in 2011, and in partnership with The United Way of Southeast Louisiana’s ‘No Place Like Home’ program, the help of hundreds of volunteers, PNOLA Build has significantly lowered and subsidized the rebuild cost, and the house is nearly finished.  There’s light a light at the end of the tunnel, but we need your help! We are down to the very last details that need to be done and we need help to finish:   

Items left to be finished:
Completion of Plumbing Repairs
Completion of Electrical Repairs
Kitchen Cabinets installation
Plaster Repairs
Tile Installs
Finish Baseboard and Trim

 If you wish to support Lola and April Turner please mail a check to:
 PNOLA Build
Attn: Sarah Baldwin
2307 Bienville St
New Orleans LA 70119 
**and in the memo of the check write LOLA & APRIL TURNER

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