Mary Bullard--ALMOST Done

(A group of our dedicated volunteers pose in front of Ms Mary's house) 

Ms Mary Bullard (77 yrs old) has lived on Allen Street for many years.  She evacuated to Memphis, TN for Hurricane Katrina where she lived in an extended stay hotel.  She was not able to return to New Orleans until the spring of 2006.  Her house was badly damaged by Katrina and she was unfortunately not able to move back in, nor was she awarded enough money to rebuild.  Ms Mary has been living with her daughter since she returned to New Orleans.  Although her daughter’s house is comfortable and she’s grateful to be with family, Mary sure knows the meaning of “No place like home”.  She has had an uphill battle with her health over the years and recently it has been quite a challenge to keep her chin up and stay positive.  She is undergoing regular treatments for bone cancer and tries her best to rest a lot and take care of herself.  

The major thing that keeps her going these days is the thought of being back in her own home again.  Thanks to the hard work of many of our AmeriCorps Site Supervisor's and various volunteer groups, we are nearing the very last stages of the rebuild process and will be welcoming Ms Mary very soon, back into her home on Allen Street.  

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