The LOVE Family

 Edinburg Street

(BEFORE picture, stay tuned to see the AFTER picture 
and see if you can recognize the same house)

What a great last name, right?  Well this family has a lot of love for their home in New Orleans and a passion for this great city.  Albert Love has been living in Baton Rouge for years following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.  He and his brother Hiley want nothing more than to rebuild their home on Edinburgh Street in Holly Grove and start hosting some family parties, celebrating their return to New Orleans.  

The Love family has lived in their home on Edinburgh Street for generations.  Hiley and Alberts' Grandfather built the home in the early 50's.  The concrete steps at the front of the double home were poured by their Great Uncle, who also did the porches on 3 to 4 other homes in the neighborhood.  Edinburgh Street had many members of the Love family in different lots up and down the street.  Many have left since the storm, but Albert and Hiley are determined to get back.

Something really exciting and wonderful happened last week for this family.  They recently found out that they were entitled to more money to rebuild with through the HMGP Program.  The Love's met with our Staff from PNOLA along with Jennifer Johnson of CityWide Elevation and two representatives from HMGP (Herb and Doug).  We went over specifics of the HMGP program and took measurements of the home to compare against the elevation bid we had received from City Wide Elevation.  By the end of the meeting we found that HMGP was awarding the Love family upwards of $70,000 to elevate and prep their home for a complete rebuild!!  We were thrilled to find that the elevation work will start as early as this week and the Love's should be back in their home by the Holidays this year.

This is great news for the Love's and we couldn't be happier to work with them and help bring them home.  Stay tuned to get updates on the progress of the rebuild.

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