Gillip AKA Gil Limas

I think I was the only one who called Gil, Gillip...
This is a LONG overdue blog as a tribute to the wonderful and fabulous Gil Limas.  Gil had to head home to California at the beginning of May and all of us at PNOLA have been missing him ever since.
Gil was one of those special people who always had a smile on his face and always looked on the bright side.  He could always make you laugh when you needed it.  I feel very privileged to have served a term of AmeriCorps with Gil Limas.  He has hopes of becoming a TL in the future for NCCC, and I can't imagine a better person to serve as a TL.  What a lucky NCCC team that will be to have you as their leader, Gil!


We miss you and hope that all is 
well back in California!  

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