Duuuukes and Bishops

The past month has filled Erin drive with lots of royal volunteers. JMU sent some of their very best who not only danced all day but were always up for some sanding. They left at the end of the week with the kitchen and bathrooms primed!

Bishop kelley from Idaho (they grow more corn than potatoes...who knew?!) Finished off this week with the house completely painted. It was sweaty but the house looks great!

Cannot wait for next week when we get to take up that annoying brown paper,get a wet mop in there and see what the Robert's house will FINALLY look like finished. Hopefully the place will be done in the next couple weeks.

Come down to help finish out this hurricane katrina-chinese drywall house? Hopefully this is the last time Erin drive will ever have to be rebuilt!!

See you down here.

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