Tony Bono and Family-Help Get Them Home

The Bono Family-Pasteur Drive

Tony and his wife and two children lived in the home on Pasteur Dr before Katrina.  They evacuated to Mississippi originally but ended up going all the way to Houston for about 6 weeks total.  Tony came back to New Orleans about 6-7 weeks after Katrina to work (carpentry/construction).  He was able to stay at his Mom's house in the West bank as her home was not ruined by Katrina.  His wife and two children came back to the city and moved in with Tony and his Mom on the West Bank.  He and his wife and two children now live just a few doors down from their home on Pasteur Drive and are renting.  They are really excited to have help on their home and can't wait to get back in someday. 

We were lucky enough to be put in contact with the Bono family through St Paul's Episcopal Homecoming, based in Gentilly.   Including a grant from St Paul's, Tony has roughly $10,000 of funding remaining to finish the entire house.  He is in need of roughly $35,000 to finish his home and bring is family back to 5722 Pasteur Drive.  If you would like to help bring the Bono family back home, please contact us at 504-656-4165.

Most recently we had a wonderful group of volunteers from 
Kaiser Permanente come volunteer with us at Pasteur Drive. 
 They were such hard workers and got SO MUCH work done!

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