Tiawana Chandler

Tiawana Chandler--Funding by Brad Cox of Cox Oil

Ms Tiawana Chandler is the proud mother of Ronell and two very sweet dogs, Tiger and Tyson.  They have all been living in their home on Allen Street rather uncomfortably for a few years now.  She had faulty repairs made on her home by a fraudulent contractor.

Tiawana's Client Biography was chosen by Mr Brad Cox, of Cox Oil.  He has stepped up to donate the funds for the work that needs to be completed on Ms Tiawana's house.  Brad is so happy to help out the Chandler household and looks forward to the finish date of the repairs.

We've had some amazing changes already at the Chandler household.  Stay tuned for updates from our A+ Site Supervisor, Allison Maraldo as she documents her progress on the house week to week.  And a shout out to Ian Tapscott for all of his hard work at the Chandler house!

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