Sweat season

Ready or not, summer is coming! I guess we shouldn't be surprised (apparently this happens every year!)  but it's getting hotter down here in New Orleans which means all of us are getting sweatier. We've had some of our first really sweaty days of the season this week: "shin sweat" came up in two completely separate conversations yesterday, I've sweated through two shirts today already, we left nice sweaty butt prints on the floor where we sat down for lunch, and I can no longer keep things in my pocket during the work day if I expect them to stay dry. I spent most of my day covered in a grey paste made up of sweat and a thick layer of drywall dust: 

I leaned against a wall at one point and when I got up I discovered my favorite example of sweatiness to date:

When we say we put our blood, sweat and tears into these houses we mean it literally!

Stay hydrated out there!!!

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