N Tripple SEE you soon?...too much?

Wow have the past 6 weeks flown by!
As Gil said just a few days ago in his blog PNOLA has been going through some big things.  Biggest, and best, is the great Delta 9 from Vicksberg Mississippi stopped by to help out for 6 solid weeks.  They laughed, they cried, they lost their wallets.  It was great.  Needless to say, I totally lost track of all sorts of time and did a horrible job of keeping all of you up to date on how things were going with the grey and khaki clad group.
So, here we go...a little bit of introducing, updating and sending off.
12 people chosen to live in a house (our office) for 6 weeks.  Kinda like Real World, but better cause these people have devoted their lives to 10 months of service.  Chandra the fearless team leader brought a van full of NCCC (N Trips) in and lead them on their first spike.  Originally we were going to work solidly through at Laura Tusa's house getting her back home, but plans changed and we got separated (sad day).  Luckily though this separation gave everyone a chance to learn a ton of new skills and ultimately get more work done.  I'd say that Amanda, Chad, Glenn, Andrew, Jai and Donnell left Erin Drive expert drywallers and mudders.  Vanessa, Jessie and Meghan spent a ton of time over with John at Mary Rush's house laying flooring, hanging doors and doing some finishing touches.  Steve and Brett got to hop around some doing specialty things--anything from helping with our tool organization to framing to punch list.  Most importantly they were all so willing to do whatever was needed of them.
I am so thankful for the work that they did here with us.  They might not have finished a house from start to finish but they were such a big part of helping to return families to their homes who were displaced 7 years ago.
They know they are always welcome back--especially to help rebuild (since they have great skills) but also to visit and catch up with our staff.
Thanks Delta 9....oh so fine.

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