Ms Earnestine Bennett Johnson

Ms. Earnestine, who was living in New Orleans before Hurricane Katrina, fled the city with her elderly father only one day before the storm.  Unable to fight the traffic heading west, they headed east to Alabama where they had family to wait out the storm.  Upon returning, they found a home devastated by wind and water damage. 

Earnestine and her father put what money they had into it before he passed away less than one year after the storm, in May 2006.  Unfortunately, her father was not given any insurance money for the house and was not awarded Road Home money before his passing.  Despite going through succession to ensure that the house is legally hers, Earnestine has still not had any luck with the Road Home Program granting her the funds needed to rebuild the home.  Earnestine has continued to try to put their family home back together again from Alabama while working and trying to settle into life away from her hometown, but because of the distance she was unable to supervise the project and poor work was performed by her subcontractor.  This past October she decided that it was time to come home even if the house was not fully rebuilt.  She was living in the house without a working kitchen and had plumbing issues in the bathroom downstairs (her primary bathroom).

Earnestine grew up in this house and is very close with all of the neighbors on the block.  She is an only child and now that she’s lost both of her parents she cherishes her childhood home and the neighbors who have become her family over the years. 

We are nearing the very end of all of the repairs needed at Ms Earnestine's house at this point.  This project has taken longer than expected, but we are very pleased with the results.   We'll be posting another blog the day that we finish.  So stay tuned.  A thank you in advance to ALL of the volunteers and our amazing Site Sup's who have worked on this house tirelessly for months now.

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