Math and Other Things I Never Thought I'd Do

Remember when you were in math class and somebody complained that it was a waste of time because you were never actually going to use any of the material in real life? I couldn't help but think of that Friday as I was trying to figure out how long to make the back legs of the drafting table I was building for the office. I was pretty proud of myself for figuring out I could use the sine function to determine the elevation change based on the angle, and even prouder that I could remember what the sine function was (or that there even is such a thing as the sine function). I think it turned out pretty well:

Hurray math!
If my math teacher had told me that I was going to use geometry every day in my real life as a construction worker I definitely would not have believed her. Come to think of it, though, I do a lot of things these days that would have been inconceivable to me 10 years ago. Like the day I had Tuesday when I crawled into the dirty spider-filled space under a house and used a saw-z-all to dismantle an old furnace. After hours of sawing, digging, and strenuous pushing and pulling from awkward positions, I finally managed to drag the thing out:

Take that, furnace!
Though not all of them were carried out underneath a house, this past week was full of strange tasks. Other assignments included finding a way to level a condenser platform despite having to put it halfway on a very un-level sidewalk, cutting a large hole in a finished floor, installing trim next to a cage full of puppies, installing a door next to a cage full of kittens, and...mowing the lawn. Okay, maybe mowing the lawn isn't terribly strange but it's also not exactly what I saw myself doing for a living. This job definitely has a way of side-tracking plans (whether they are plans for a task, for a week, or for a path through life) and demanding adaptability. Sometimes it can be frustrating but it's certainly never boring!

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