Lizard v. Lizard

Yesterday we had quite the lunchtime entertainment over at Tiawana's house. There are always quite a few lizards roaming around the garage but we've never seen two more ferocious lizards than the ones we saw yesterday. It all started with a brown lizard and a green lizard. They were going around in circles for awhile sizing each other up. And then, BRAIN CHOMP!

The brown one started to turn green which got a bit confusing for the cheering section. The brown-green one clearly had the upper hand throughout the whole battle. They twisted around for awhile and eventually the green one escaped the epic brain chomp. Both lizards made it out alive but the undisputed winner was the brown-green lizard. And finally he turned brown again post-battle, making him the brown-green-brown lizard fighting champion. Tune in to National Geographic- Gentilly Edition for video coverage.

 Here's a shot of Ian and our two NCCC members Steve and Bret, watching the lizard battle, looking very excited.

Besides watching lizard battles, we've been making great progress. Ian, Bret, and Steve have been working away on the garage while I've been working inside with our 3 volunteers from James Madison University, Renna, Sarah, and Andrew. We started tiling the master bedroom yesterday.

And here's what our progress looked like toward the end of the day today.

And yes, that is black tile with gold walls.

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