Its not "goodbye", its "see you soon"...

Hey everyone!

I know its been a while since my last blog, but in my defense, its been a VERY busy time here at PNOLA. Things have been changing, work has been flying, volunteers have been rotating in and out, its been a hectic environment. Not only have we been swamped with awesome volunteers, but we have also had a great NCCC team helping us. Delta 9 from Vicksberg, Mississippi has been thrashing work like its nothing! It may only be these guys and gals first round, but with their work ethic you would swear they've been doing this forever. I've had the great privelige of working with Glenn, Donell, Brett and Andrew. I didn't get the opprotunity to work the whole team but these four have shown amazing character, teamwork and leadership skills. I am confident that the whole team is doing great under the supervision of their Team Leader, Chandra. Go Delta 9!! Thank you all for your hard work! You should all feel proud of the good you've all done and the people you've helped!!

Also, on the subject of outstanding indivduals, I would like to give credit to two of the most positive, motivated, happy and amazing people I have met here in New Orleans. Yes Baldwin sisters, I'm talking about you! Sarah and Jessie Baldwin have given new meaning to the word "motivating" to me. They are always making the best they can of situations, staying positive in the face of overwhelming negitivity and always there to bring a smile to peoples faces even when they are not having the easiest of days. These two I consider the heart and soul of PNOLA and are a great team!

Kudos also need to be given to Kirt and Heidi, our project managers, for taking on so much responsibility and workload in order to keep our projects working smoothly. They bring their "A" game every day and do so much behind the scenes that no one sees. They are extremely dedicated people and deserve credit!

Now none of this could be put into action at all without the expert know-how and precise knowlege that our Director of Construction, Mr. Jim MacQueen, brings to the table. His vast experience is an invaluble resource to PNOLA and New Orleans as a whole. His tireless dedication is what keeps PNOLA chugging along day after day. I feel honored to have had the great opprotunity to work with him.

Now I know this blog may seem a little different from my normal format (What with all the kudos and praise) but I feel it is more than appropriate for my final blog post. Yes, this will be my final blog post for PNOLA. Due to family needs I am leaving New Orleans early. I feel sad that I am leaving but I also have a great feeling of accomplishment and joy for all that I have been a part of here. From starting new projects to finishing houses, I have learned a lot in my 9 months here. Not only construction skills but also a lot about myself. I feel that this experience has helped me grow and experience new things I never thought I would experience (living outside California for instance) I feel proud to have helped in a small way rebuild New Orleans and wouldn't trade my time here for anything.

Well, thanks again to everyone who was a part of this experience. To all the volunteers, the home owners, and of course my co-workers, thank you all for one of the greatest experiences of my life! Ill be back sometime, I know I will, so until then...its not "goodbye" its "see you soon"...

-G Funk out

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