If I had a Hammer

I'd hammer in the morning, and the afternoon, and all day from 7:30-4:00 pm, while only breaking half hour for lunch, and several times in between to wipe the excessive amount of sweat from my brow, armpits, elbow creases, ears, shins, etc.

I also take breaks for the following things:

To film Allison spend her mid-afternoon break in a water gun fight with Ronnell and his friends on their half-day of school. She got schooled...

Also, while hammering 16d nails into rafters, keep in mind there is about a 1 in 20 chance that the nail will bounce back at your face and hit you RIGHT IN THE EYEBALL!   i.e. I also take breaks to go to New Orleans Urgent Care and get myself some anti-biotic eyedrops and a sweet ass eye patch.

All in all, however, Ms. Tiawana Chandler and her son Ronnell's garage is coming along splendidly, and it is really turning out quite lovely:



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