Dear PNOLA fans,

This time of year we enjoy beautiful weather and so so so much wonderful music. We also work on houses and houses and garages and stuff. I have had the great pleasure of working alongside Gracerson Harriet (right).
Apparently that is her game face...

We've accomplished so much in only a week. Perhaps most satisfying was the absolute final touch of an awning on Roycelyn Clark's house (below). Grace was pumped!

We've also had the pleasure of providing mentorship and guidance to a fine young man in an NCCC uniform named Andrew From-Wisconsin. He is loads of help, and his willingness to do absolutely whatever just doesn't quit. He will make a fine carpenter one day. Today, Grace and he were having a blast watching me install a roof patch. Here is the roof patch:

Here they are laughing at all my funny jokes :)

Just last week I stopped by Marvin Nelson's house to check some of the electrical gizmos there, and to my surprise, these beautiful stairs had been born (below left). Thanks to them Mennonites for doing beautiful work! Devon (below right) was so happy when she saw the stairs that she starting reading with great posture!

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