For these next few weeks I have been assigned the task of finishing up some houses that are oh so close to being completely done. My adventures as "the finisher" began at the home of Ms. Mary Bullard, where my colleague Ian did most of the work. I came in to finish some mudding, painting, exterior work, and the most challenging task of all, hanging the new front doors. Luckily, I had Allison with me and with our powers combined...we hung a door. Here's a picture of Al cheesin' and showing off the door. YES!

For my next adventure I took a little trip over to the Davis home in Gentilly. My task was to repair the stucco exterior to prevent leaks. Unfortunately, the contractor that plastered the exterior did not seal it, and as a result the Davis family has extensive water damage inside their home. I had a delightful crew from Grinnell College in Iowa helping me caulk the cracks in the plaster. Below is Spencer on roof.

And here is what the wall looked like when we were done. Beautiful, no? Like a river system or something...

Following the Grinnell group I had a group of high school boys from Arizona apply the sealer. One boy had this to share...

ANYWAYS, adventure #3 involved a little trip uptown to Ms. Lola Turner's house. Here a group of high school students from the bay area did some intense exterior scraping in preparation for a new coat of paint.

That's all for now. Watch out for these little gems (pictured below). They're pure evil.

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