Hey Gang!

Hey everybody!

This week I worked with Holy Cross at Ms.Daisys home! Ms.Daisy is a sweet lady who just needs some odds and ends buttoned up on the inside and an overhaul on her back porch area. This week we worked on all the interior things. Ms.Daisy kept a lot of the cool older parts of her home after the storm so a lot of what our Holy Cross volunteers did was refinish doors and mantle peices! They look great! Unfortunatley I forgot to take pictures of that, but I did get a great shot of Ms.Daisy showing Alex and Julianna how to eat sugar cane!
Just up the street Allison was working on Ms.Kynottas house with some more of the Holy Cross group! Here she is pressure washing the outside. I took this picture on Tall Sock Tuesday!
And after all the hard work that was put into these two houses this week we enjoyed a BBQ at the office. Thanks everybody for your hard work!

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