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Hello followership,

These past couple weeks I've been working at the home belonging to Mrs. Mary Bullard in Gentilly. This house has had a fair amount of work done on it, but still needs those finishing touches that will make it suitable and comfortable for living.

Here are a couple of volunteers from the University of South Carolina installing baseboard and using a nailgun for the very first time. Fun with power tools!!!!!

Yasmine's favorite activity... paint prep!

And a huge thanks to all the girls from USC for making this house look just that much more beautiful.

This past week I had the pleasure of working alongside a group of four volunteers from Ithaca College. No school sponsorship, just down on their own giving their spring break to help a family return home.

Haedn is thrilled to be painting!

Lyndsey and Brennan (413) will soon be master finish carpenters...

So to the folks from Ithaca, you left this house a MESS (and by mess I mean lovely and oh so close to housing Mrs. Mary Bullard and her family). Many many thanks.

Best from the Bywater,

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