Bad weather and bad bugs

Hello everybody!

This week I worked with Grinnell volunteers at Ms.Earnestines home in Gentilly. The volunteers from last week would be happy to know that we finally got the last iron door off the back of her house and now all of her doors work! The plumbers also finished up their work so there is a working toilet and no leaky pipes! But with this crazy weather this week we have started to focus more on the inside of the home.

Here they are cutting the drywall into nice square holes so we can patch it with some new drywall to replace the old moldy piece.

During one of our patches of nice weather Earnestine made sure that this group learned how to eat crawfish! I dont think anyone can work on this home without a quick lesson on what makes this city great! After crawfish the volunteers learned some Cajun dancing and watched a quick documentary on Mardi Gras!

During the thunderstorms this poor little dog ran up to us completely drenched! It was shivering so bad we couldn't help but try to dry it off with a blow dryer!

Unfortunately we lost some work time this week due to bad weather and a huge wasp sting on my hand but we still have next week to make up for it! If all goes to plan we should be finishing this house in the next couple weeks!


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