livin in a cave

When you rent out a storage unit, you must provide a signature next to a stipulation that states you will not inhabit the storage unit. I mean it makes sense. Some of those containers are climate controlled... and there are deals all over the city where you only pay ONE dollar for the first month (rent ?).

There is no stipulation, however, that states one cannot verbally claim a storage unit as their place of dwelling. And so I have taken advantage. At the intersection of Jefferson Davis Parkway and Earhart Boulevard is my cave. This is what I see when I enter:

Windows, and doors, and light fixtures oh my. And they are all neatly categorized, labeled, inventoried, kaput. And when I feel scared, when the outside and the sunshine are too threatening, I head to the back where it's dark and damp. This is what I see as a cave dweller:


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