a Winter in the Sun

YES, hello.

Ian Tapscott here, reporting from Mid-City, New Orleans. We been workin workin workin all day every day in the sun. Even down South, an entire January in the mid-70's is strange... It definitely provides for some pleasantly warm work days though. Last week, Bama and I did some work on Mary Rush's house, prepping for the roof. Our wonderful volunteers from Loras College moved some soil (a lot of soil) so water will properly drain away from the house. Here they are, takin 5:

And this week, in order to finish a certain house on Baudin St. once and for all, some stair railings were in order. One set for the front:

I don't know about y'all, but that picture makes me dizzy... And one set for the side door:

That one is dizzy too, but in the opposite direction! The back stairs were a bit more complicated, but Kirt, Bama, Gil, and Tom (from NYC) didn't seem to have too much trouble:

Thanks for all the help y'all, and until next time... Patriots for Superbowl!


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Aimee said...

That yard looks absolutely beautiful! Those volunteers must have been pretty awesome.