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Welcome to 2012! It’s time to make our resolutions, right? Here at PNOLA we are trying to figure out how to make improvements, get more tools, build more houses, and of course raise more money. Although focusing on these resolutions is important, first we should reflect on what happened in 2011.

For those of you who don't know me, my name is Heidi and I am Project Manager here at PNOLA. Upon reflecting back on 2011 here at PNOLA many things come to mind! To name a few: meeting amazing volunteers, tripling our staff from 7 to 21, and having the ability to work on more houses with our incredible staff of AmeriCorps. BUT I think the thing I most like to reflect on is who I have been able to help bring home.

This year I have been able to help bring home; Celeste Williams, Marie Durrette, Samuel Johnson, Debra Green, Bessie Montgomery and Philip Seelig!

But I think what 2011 has left me most excited about was being able to welcome home dear Mr. Thomas Marquez. Right before our staff left for the holidays, PNOLA got to have a giant celebration welcoming home Mr. Marquez. After six years he was finally able to celebrate Christmas in his childhood home where he celebrated most Christmas’ before hurricane Katrina. Seeing the joy on his face when he got to cut the ribbon finally welcoming him home with volunteers, PNOLA staff, United Church Christ (who provided the money to make it possible), the WDSU news channel, Smuckers, and United Way made doing my job everyday well worth it. Welcome Home Thomas!

Now we’re on to 2012 where we will welcome home many more homeowners! Wanna help!!? Check out the website (pnolabuild.org) and see what you can do to welcome home more people like Thomas Marquez! Donate your money, tools or time and come volunteer with us!

Hope to see ya'll down here in the big easy soon!

Please check out the WDSU News story about Mr Marquez by clicking here.

Project Manager
The Phoenix of New Orleans

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