Updates From Last Year

Happy New Year! Glad to be starting the year off with some updates from the Nelson house.

Before the holidays began we had an excellent group of volunteers from Southern Methodist University. Above, Dan caulks the new siding to create an impenetrable moisture/bug shield. Thanks Dan!

Meanwhile, inside the house, I primed the living room floor in preparation for laying cement. I used a fancy photo setting and the common symbol of the thumbs-up to convey my excitement.

Here's Katie, also from SMU, employing intense concentration and mindfulness to connect a row of beautiful Brazilian Cherry flooring. The group was able to finish flooring the master bedroom, yay!

Dr. Cruz, a professor at SMU, was master of the saws. Here he is using the jig saw to execute a tricky cut.

Overall the group got a ton of work done. Take this awesome picture of Dan and Dr. Cruz as evidence of how rad this team was. Thanks guys!

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