Tear Da Roof Off

"Rest is for the restless, sleep is for the dead" - Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Tear The Roof Off

Now if there's one thing that stands in the way of a beautiful new roof, it's that janky old one that's been wanting to fall off for years. So what did we do? We gave it a little nudge. Together, Bama, Katherine, Tyler (who lent a hand from Habitat Pensacola), tore that damn thing down. I take back the phrase "little nudge." All Monday was spent scraping and tearing up shingles and tar paper. Ain't nothin like workin on the roof in the beautiful Louisiana sun. I got a tomato red face to prove my time.

Below is a picture of our newly reshaped house-cap.

And here's a cool angle from below!

Our director of operations Jim MacQueen stopped by early Tuesday morning to give us some words of encouragement. "There's no simple way to do it, there's no easy way to do it. Roof demo is just a lot of crowbars, sawzalls, and back-breaking work," he says to flu-suffering Bama and myself whose back seems 20 years older than it should be. But we kept our heads down, our centers of gravity low (safety 'first'), and rode it out. Here is Bama, victorious. This picture doesn't remind me of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre at all...

And a thank you thank you thank you to Ken, Jan, and Gil for helping us clean up the aftermath. Here is Ken posing with the old roof in it's new home :) .

And in the words of Busta Rhymes

Tear da roof off. From the underground up, we gonna rebuild this whole shit.


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