Taking care of business...

Hey blog-world! Gil reporting in!

It has been quite the couple weeks at April Turner's house. We have gone from rough drywall to a primed and ready for paint product!

We have had a lot of volunteer groups here in the past few weeks from all over the country! From Orange County CA, to Kansas City, from Tennessee to Pennsylvania. Volunteers from all over the country have had a hand in turning this house into a home. Slowly but surely we are transforming this worksite into a livable, family friendly space.

Not only have I had the privilege of working with the greatest volunteer groups EVER, but I also lucked out and got one of the sweetest homeowners in New Orleans! April has been a joy to work with! Not only is she friendly and outgoing with our volunteers, she has also shown us what an amazing cook she is! She has fed most of the volunteers that come through her house with her amazing gumbo family recipe! What a motivator to work hard!

This past couple of weeks has also been special for me personally. Last week Janet and Ken, two long-term volunteers came back to PNOLA too volunteer for 5 weeks! I met them both last year when I was working with PNOLA through Americorps NCCC. They are two of the hardest working and sweetest people I have ever met and I am so glad to be in their company again for the next few weeks!

Well...thats pretty much it for now. Till next time!


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