Stairs ah' YaYa...

 This week I worked on building stairs at Glen Dabney's...

Photo A
Can you find 5 differences from the photo above, in the photo below?                                                          

Photo B

Fun huh?!!!

and below

And another.....

And Below...Note the progression of the stairs.  Thank you Katherine for the help. I think they came out pretty good...

Now for the front stairs...This is what it looked like before.  Breaking many code violations, they had to be broken down and repaired.

After getting the stairs torn down. I had to repair the exterior of the home to support the platform, which supports the back of the platform. 

Almost done.  Got the platform up, stringers ran, close to being done.  Now one more pic with differences.  Hope you can find em' cause this is at expert level.

Yep alittle classic Magnum P.I.... Ha....
Have a great weekend everyone,

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