Nun's Build!

Last week was the annual, much-anticipated, stupendous, amazing...nun's build! Naturally, I tried to come up with as many nun puns as I could, such as: this group was the best, bar "nun," or this group was second to "nun." Nuntheless, I couldn't come up with one that captured their greatness, so let's just say they're in the habit (!) of working hard and bringing a positive attitude every morning.

So this week we got a ton of work done. Below is Katie showing off the siding she caulked in preparation for painting.

Here's a picture of Sister Maryann bringing our attention to one of the new doors she caulked and painted to perfection.

This is our flooring team composed of Hillary, Erin, and their leader, Sister Janet. Note that beautiful floor they're posing on.

And last but not least our trim team, Tracy and Erin, celebrate their baseboarding victory. Somehow I managed to exclude the baseboard from the photo, but trust me folks, it was immaculate.

Overall the week was a huge success. We floored most of the downstairs, hung a few doors, painted some interior walls, and trimmed out windows and baseboard, getting the Nelson family one step closer to moving back home. Huge thank you to the whole team, it was a really fun week!

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