Looks like moving day is just around the corner

Bring some boxes cause Betty is going to need them! We all are chomping at the bit to get Bettys house finished and the end is in site.  Just a few more coats of paint and a touch of skilled carpentry (thank goodness for Christian...seriously now! Works wonders!) And we will be ready to roll.

Hard to believe that this journey is almost over though..two months and more volunteers than I have room to thank here and Wednesday might just be the last day.

So thankful for the chance to work along side of so many of you and for the rain that so kindly brought Trav and Holly to me (from Iowa!).  They rocked some quarteround today which is way more spatially challenging than they signed up for. Here they are working hard... and some other finishing up pictures.

Stop by for the welcome home party when it is scheduled? I would love to share that day with you.

Yay for the last FEMA trailer being moved out of!

See you soon!

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