Fancy Givings

Before the holidays swept me away to California I had the pleasure of attending a fancy Hope for the Holidays gala put on by the United Way SELA, in partnership with IrvingMorris, and Black Elk Energy. I was touched by the generosity of others and decided I would have to share my experience with ya'll through none other than the famous PNOLA blog.

(Us girls, with one of the generous donor's of the night, Brad Cox of Cox Oil)

We are currently rebuilding two homes thanks to the funding from the Hope for the Holidays program through the United Way SELA in partnership with some very generous Saints players, Roman Harper, Darren Sharper, Jahri Evans, Malcolm Jenkins, and Lance Moore.

(The Nelson Family)

(The Rush Family)

The Rush and Nelson family were in attendance for the Gala. The families lit up the room where ever they went. They, were the celebrities that night. Their stories were told through a short film that painted a picture for everyone there of what they had been through and how happy they are to be finally, heading home. The attendees of the Gala were touched by their stories and in generous form opened their wallets to GIVE to others. It's hard to remember, especially during the holidays that it's better to give than to receive, however lucky for us the folks attending the gala did just that.

(That's Lance Moore behind Jessie and Bridget by the way, I swear I'm not making it up, even though it's VERY hard to make out anyone behind them, it's really Lance Moore; hence the excitement on their faces.)

(Enjoying our swanky surroundings)

The Gala was a huge success and will be an annual bash! We are grateful to United Way SELA and everyone involved in the Hope for the Holidays program for helping us bring these families home.

To learn more about the Rush and Nelson families or the progress on their rebuilds, please visit our website at www.pnola.org or Facebook page.

I leave you with this: Life is an echo -- what you send out comes back. New Orleans still needs your help. Get involved in rebuilding this amazing city with us!

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Sarah Baldwin said...

Thanks to Jim C for letting us tag along to such a swank event!