Cleanin' up in Zion City

The past several weeks we've been working at Lucinda Cannon's house in Zion City. With the help of some fabulous law students from Fordham University in New York City, we were able to make significant progress in only 4 days' time. They sure knew how to get down and dirty, for lawyers...

Below is photographic documentation of Ben and Michael (the Army Navy duo) removing three layers of shotty siding. They were on ladders all week and loved it, I think.

Tessa took care of the back wall of the house. Ladders ain't no thing as long as 8-legged creatures don't come creeping...

While Chelsea ensures thorough, 100% coverage on the rear stairs. So so bright white.

Meanwhile, on the front porch... When you want to clean up and re-paint, first thing's first, scrapin paint. Maybe it's the conditioning of their rigorously academic lives, but the diligence of this paint scraping team remains astounding to me. Here you see Deena, ambitiously concentrated.

Notice Inessa in the back, refusing to take a break... Now that's what I call focus!

Garbage Pail kids?

As we continue to remove, repair, and clean the exterior of Ms. Lucinda's house, we appreciate every minute of work contributed.

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Deeniez said...

Thanks for so appropriately capturing our essence. We had a great week with you and PNOLA!