You are the sunshine of my life

I wish someone was counting the number of times I said how excited I was to be painting the kitchen sunshine yellow this morning. Maybe some of the FSU folks were...probably not. They were far too busy painting.

We may be half staff this week due to the holidays but there is mighty work getting done here at Bettys house. Sanding and skim coat, priming and painting! We are expecting cabinets tomorrow and countertops Thursday. We really are moving right along. Thanks to D'Youville, FSU and SMU for their hard work and great attitudes! Here are some pictures of the hard work in progress. Excuse their chinchilla like appearance in some pictures.

The agent from FEMA stopped by again today to see Betty...he seems pleased with the work. We have a schedule posted for the completion of the home. Should be done the last week of january. Make sure you stop by to help before then! Really looking forward to seeing and working with you. Plus you can see the yellow kitchen in person.

Best this season,


Anonymous said...
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Gary said...

I personally wouldn't want to take advice from Ms Thomas, given that she post unsolicited advertising on personal blogs without the consent of the blogger.