Wow it is cold! I feel like all Bridget and I have said the last couple of weeks is "I hate ittttttt...". Every time I get mud on my fingers "I hate itttt.....". Every time I have to climb a ladder "I hate itttt.....". And every time a breeze rolls through we both scream "I hate it!". But at least there is exciting progress on Ms.Longo's home! All the drywall is up and half of it is taped and prepared for mud! The kitchen, bathroom and utility room are going to be done by Friday!

Here is the group we had from Grand Rapids last week! They were great hanging the rest of the drywall on the ceilings and walls! I got to work with this group last year so it was great to see some familiar faces!
Here is Perry drawing a Christmas tree on the fireplace with liquid nail. He is about to glue that piece of drywall up!

Here is the finished fireplace, next step is putting corner bead on the 2 corners. We put Jbead on the bottom edge to make a nice clean edge.At least with the cold weather we can have peppermint hot chocolate whenever we want! So I guess there is an upside to all this gross weather!

And now for the newest additions to our team!

A space heater! While this bad boy does not have a name yet I am sure one will happen soon! While I wish I could say I just toted it around the house with me all day to keep me warm, I cant. It stays parked in the bathroom all day to help the mud dry. The bathroom gets no sunlight so it has been taking 3 days for the corners to dry!
This is Cassie! Cassie loves to bust out the neighbors front door and come and greet us! She has become one of the highlights our day!

Stilts! Bridget made sure to get a video of me during the first couple minutes of me trying to get around! But do not worry, soon I will be a beast at stilt walking. By mid afternoon I could walk without holding anything! Soon I will be able to float ceilings in no time!

Happy Holidays everybody!

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