Today was a good day

Well its a good day my friends when you get to hang out with Saints players.  All morning, I and fellow crew, were surounded by camera crews, microphones, and well, let me start at the beginning... I have been working at Marvin Nelson's house for the past 2 weeks.  First there was math,
Then there were sketches,
Funny how much prep is involved with STAIRS.....
Our mission was to build a set of stais with two platforms in an enclosed area, then create a closet underneath from the opposite wall.  Ummm, Ok...
Below is the opening from the second story.  We had to actually take alot of the wall out to make the correct height for our steps.
While Kirt and I were dealing with the stairs, Devon was skillfully making the walls beautiful...

Eventually Kirt and I got the 1st platform

Then the second, and got it completed with closet underneath.
 While the stairs were being worked on, we(PNOLA) had some great vols from Grand Rapids.
They were a great help and Thank You.  Devon had them working on floors, mudding, drywall, and trim out.  This is Devon giving directions for the trim out around the attic stairs.
After the stairs, I started working outside on the front exterior of the house.  Jim MacQueen came out and helped us on some problem areas.
Alot of Tyvek
 and it was a cold, almost blue week...
After much ladder moving and hoping that the wind would die down, Tyvek was completed.
 And then today this happened,
Camera crews and news men and women ready to interview the several Saints players who funded Marvin Nelson's home.
I was so excited to be next to Roman Harper.  He is a beast on the field and an around good guy.  This is how you make this guy smile like a school girl.
Ummm, yep thats Lance Moore, Justine Buzzell, and myself.  I mean no big deal just hanging out with Saints players... Ha... :).

Today was a Good day,

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