People from Michigan are Grand, and their pace is Rapid, and coincidentally some of them are from Grand Rapids. Perhaps that is how the city got it's name, from the grand, rapid folks that live there. Or from a river, we'll never know for sure.

Our first big project this week was drywalling the closet/crawl space our resident carpenter, Christian, built under the brand new staircase. Kelly is seen below about to attach a freshly cut piece to the walls of the cavernous closet. I spied Nikki through the treads of the new staircase, and on the right a mysterious, gloved worker engaged in something I like to call "cave drilling."

While these two toiled away downstairs, Courtney and Noelle worked on trimming out and painting the attic access door. Check out this team work: Courtney carefully takes the measurements, and moments later Noelle is tacking up the last piece of trim, and the door is magically painted. Nice job team!

Meanwhile, outside, Christian did some serious demo work on the front of the house. Tearing off the front siding revealed a mish-mosh of sheeting, old siding, and other weird stuff I'm not gonna get into. Below is Christian making a clutch siding hand off to Grace late in the 3rd quarter. Nice catch Grace. Next to that is Captain Kirt looking out over the horizon. With demo almost complete on this house, Kirt is hungry for his next victim.

And last, but certainly not least, Cathy took care of some interior painting for us. In previous posts I discussed how we needed to tear out some old, moldy drywall in the master bedroom and living room. Well it has now been replaced with fresh, new drywall and Cathy is finishing it off with a sweet coat of paint. Touchdown!

Thanks so much team Grand Rapids!

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we had a wonderful time. thanks for your encouragement, joy, and great tunes.

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