Living the dream...

Well, its been a while blog world. Let me catch you up on the latest buzz...
Ive been working for the past couple of weeks at Mary Rush's house with Ian and John showing me the ropes of framing. These dudes have been dropping knowledge all over the place and helping me get comfortable with this new skill.
The house is coming along nicely and it seems things are really starting to click as we hit our stride. The volunteers we have had with us have been the unsung heros, getting the work done that needs to be done. It sometimes can be a little tedious but everyone has had such a great attitude about helping any way they can that it truly shows how caring these people are!
Today we had volunteers from Grand Rapids, Michigan with us. They got stuck with one of the more mundane tasks we've had but they had a great attitude about it and got it done with flying colors!
Well, time to get ready for another work filled day tomorrow. Hope everyone stays cool and keeps on living the dream!
- Gil

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