It Grows, It Grows

After two months of rebuilding walls, stud by stud, foot by foot, jack up the roof five feet further down the line... building an entire wall flat on the floor just to stand it all up at once, so so satisfying.

The second one was even more so...

All plumbed up, throw in a header and a couple rough sills and bring on the plywood... Working on this house is like one big optical illusion. Because so many things are not square, plumb, level, etc., new framing that we install (and make damn well sure it is all of those wonderful things) looks all cockeyed... These walls here are close to perfect, the angle of the picture is an attempt to let all you readers see what it's like viewing such warped precision.

When Jahri Evans of the New Orleans Saints (our funder for the project) came through, we made sure the site was pristine (as it always is...). Here is a picture of Annie, who came all the way from Texas, helping remove exterior debris.

Just runnin' a sawzall through some old pipes, no big deal...
And there ain't nothing better than wrapping up the week with a good ol' gala, courtesy of Roman Harper, Darren Sharper, Lance Moore and friends. What an event. Congrats to Mary Rush and Marvin Nelson (and their families) for being the recipients of such compassion. And here's a picture of the lovely Baldwin sisters at our table.

Peace and love, and a lovely holiday season.

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