I am SDOT (Still Dreamin' Of Turkey). I want more fried turkey in my life.  I mean why do we Have to wait a whole year before we fry it up again.  No, I say... I say we can Have turkey all year long.

This is one of the many things that I think about during work. Or, why would someone bury 9 outlets in Landa Bunch's wall?

 Well, as you can see 3/4" drywall is pretty thick and I was having trouble on this one finding the outlets with my tracer.  A tracer puts pulses of current through a line so that you can hear the pulses behind the wall and/or where the wire runs.  This home is really close to being done. 

This is a level bubble on the cabinets at Ms. Bunch's house that weren't level before, but with patience and shims they have become level.  I like bubbles...

Thomas Marquez's beautiful home is ready.  I completed the punch list and it is looking good.  Look at those floors.  Wow... Great job to Katherine, Gil, and all the volunteers who did a fabulous job on this house!!! 

I believe he should be home within a few days.  This is a view of what he'll see when he opens his front door.  Looks pretty good and ready for some new, great memories. 

Attic pic. The sun was pushing through the vinyl siding and between the old wood siding on the outside of the second story.  It was a alittle erie walking on the joist to the back so I could install a vent for the HVL(Heat Vent Light) in the bathroom. I took another pic with a different tint.

Notice that the tint in this pic is yellow to almost green, yet right in the middle of the house that little blue light.  The light was like 30ft away.  Its a long shotgun type house.  Well, I decided to go find out what or who it was.?...  When I got there I saw this...

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving...


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