back at it

Dear folks,

Since my last blog there has been so so much progress, it's hard to believe we're even at where we're at.

Below is a picture of the rear wall that runs the length of Mary Rush's house. More walls and more windows make this structure look increasingly like a home.

Here's what the wall looks like plumb, sheathed, wrapped, finito.

And as Dave Grohl once said, "one done and I'm on to the next"

This next wall was a bit tricky. Although it spans a shorter distance, building a wall not on top of a subfloor means running studs all the way to the sill beam (which rests on the foundation). At first, this type of "balloon" framing didn't sound too sturdy to me... did they say no bottom plate?! However, after sheathing (brought to you by Dave from Michigan) and a whole buncha nails, I ran full speed into the wall and it didn't topple over like I expected it to!

Meanwhile, we've been working continually toward the section of the house with no floor. We knew we would need a solid, even surface on which to stand our ladders, so we built one.

And at the end of the proverbial "day," things are looking better and better.
Below is a picture of the beautiful floor, and Gil figuring out what to do with a scrap of plywood because resourcefulness is the name of his game.

More walls to come, and a whole other room!


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