Over the course of the past two weeks, the house on the corner of Gayoso and Clio, in Zion City, has regenerated its walls. With some help from Myself, Bama, Christian, Gil, and Rob, the structure that belongs to Ms. Mary Rush has made great strides toward homedom.

To the right is a picture of our first section of the front wall, living room window and all.

Below you can see the wall sheathed.
Notice the neatly staggered seams providing lateral support.

Working on this house has been an incredible learning experience for me. Trying our best to think 2 steps ahead and anticipate problems keeps us on our toes.

It's also been great to have an extra hand or two (at least two...) to keep things tight-tight, and to think outside the box in tough spots. Christian has been on site for a few days, and Rob came by today to help out a bit. The additional experience is a great resource. Below you can see the two of them happily solving a problem together.

I admire all the hard work that everyone is doing, and feel privileged to work alongside such skilled and devoted individuals for a common cause.

Also, this is what it looks like when you pick up a buncha nails with a magnet on wheels, and
take the negative.

Best from the Bywater,

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