Thomas Marquez, ALMOST Home

PNOLA is pleased to be nearing the end of the rebuilding phase at 1275 Sere Street. Thomas Marquez has been patient for years and it’s finally time for him to come home.

Thomas, along with his mother and sisters, evacuated New Orleans during the storm. His mother passed away a little over a year after the storm and his childhood home was left to him and his sisters. Unfortunately, one of his sisters spent the Road Home money that they received and there was nothing left to rebuild their family’s home.

Thomas is 63 yrs old and disabled. He was homeless for a while after the storm, but is currently living in an apartment provided by Unity of Greater New Orleans until he can finally move back home to 1275 Sere Street. PNOLA is working furiously to finish Thomas’ home and bring him back to Sere Street for the holidays. Thanks to the funding of United Church of Christ, Thomas will soon be welcomed home.

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