Home Stretch for Glenn Dabney

Glenn Dabney’s home suffered six feet of flood damage as well as extensive wind damage during hurricane Katrina. He and his family were forced to move from their home and into an apartment. They thought this would be a brief stay, but as construction time on their home continued they were forced to stay at the apartment much longer than planned. Paying for rent and a mortgage was a huge drain and depleted their savings each month.

In the fall of 2010 they only had funds to pay for two more months of their mortgage and rent before they would be forced to foreclose and be homeless. It was at this time that they contacted PNOLA for assistance. By using the remainder of their savings, PNOLA was able to complete the project well below market rate by leveraging their staff and volunteer resources to substantially eliminate the market rate labor costs. Within three weeks all remaining tasks necessary for them to safely inhabit the home and be in compliance with all building codes were completed, ensuring that the Dabney family could obtain an occupancy permit and finally move home.

The work that remains to be completed now consists of work that was not necessary for the family to be allowed to move in, but is necessary for them to have a complete and comfortable home – cabinets and countertops, baseboards and trim, completing his 2nd bathroom, etc. Luckily PNOLA has recently found a funding source for these remaining items and we plan to get started on the work that has lingered since the Dabney’s moved home. We look forward to finishing these final tasks in the coming weeks.

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