Hey Hey Hey

Hey everyone,
This has been an exciting week.  First, I was able to build this porch with Rob Redman and we were able to put up siding and pretty much finish it up.  It was a great feeling to get up there and get er' done for Ms. Longo.
This is the side view of Mary Rush's house with a wall.  Yippee...  Ian, Bama, and myself have been working diligently on this house.  Also, we have put up all the plywood on this side and it looks great... I am sure that either Ian or Bama will have upcoming pics of the "New" wall.  We have moved back inside to start repairing the other side of the home.  It is a good project to work on cause we are all learning new things.
And of couse this sweet boy hanging out in the van cause it has been alittle chilly for ole' Skinny Lenny...
Peace and Woodland creatures...

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