Betty Longo

PNOLA has partnered with United Way of Southeast Louisiana and the local United Church of Christ to bring Mrs. Longo, one of their parishioners, back home.

Ms Betty has been living in the house on Baudin St. for most of her life. The house is a raised single shotgun home that received about 3 feet of water during Hurricane Katrina. Upon returning to the city after the hurricane, she discovered that her home had been flooded and she has since been residing in a FEMA trailer on the property.

The Road Home funding that she received should cover the majority of the cost of the rebuild, and additional funding will be provided by the United Church of Christ and the United Way of SELA.

Structurally the house is sound. It has never been updated. The house needed to be gutted completely and rebuilt. With the help of our fantastic staff, including Heidi Miles as the Project Manager in conjunction with our phenomenal volunteers we are well on our way to getting Betty's home rebuilt. We look forward to the day she will move out of her FEMA trailer and back into her beloved home.

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