Another day in paradise

Hello Blog World,

We had some great girls from Mercyhurst College today.  They worked hard but seemed to be having a good time singing and laughing with eachother.  They had the trying task of pulling nails from lumber that we hope to reuse at Mary Rush's home.  I believe it to be important work since non-profits have to stretch each dollar that they can find.  I also think its important not to waste lumber.

Notice the war paint.... 'This is what I'm talking about'...

After a little demo, they enjoyed using the cat's claw to get the nails out...

Bama and Ian taking care of business.  It's sort of funny though because we have affectionately begun calling this house 'The Vortex' cause you can put a level on something, get it level, look down, and its completely off level.  Crazy. 

Ian struggling not to be sucked into 'The Vortex'...


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