All is Well in the Stairwell

Here on North Dupre the project of the past few days has been drywalling and mudding the stairwell. As I mentioned in an earlier post this area of the house was gutted due to water damage and mold. Once the stairwell is painted we can begin constructing a new staircase to replace the terrifying, code-breaking one that was put in by a fraudulent contractor.
Last Friday and Saturday we had a great group of 8 volunteers, all of them AmeriCorps NCCC alumni. Tragically, one of their NCCC teammates passed away in a hiking accident several years ago, and every year they volunteer together in his honor. This year they chose to work with PNOLA and we were honored to work alongside them as they remembered their friend. Kirt led the team in building a drainage system alongside the house to prevent future water damage to the wooden sill. The previous sill was totally rotted out because there was no drainage system in place. So thank you so much to Kirt and the NCCC team for completing this important project in just two days!

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