Super long Blog Post

Hello all!

I have a lot to report today and not a lot of time to report it! So I hope these pictures speak for themselves!

Operation Helping Hands helped us out a bunch! They donated 4 boxes of paintbrushes and too many roller trays to count! Thank you!

We finally painted over our drywall friends at the Thomas Marquez home! These were the only guys I could get a picture of before they were all completley covered.

Our awesome volunteers from Otterbein painted the house in only a few days!

This next group of volunteers is from NY! They have been coming down for several years now and they are total rockstars! They started the flooring!

What is he doing?

And last but certainly not least is our team from Tennessee! 11 people strong this group of college students really worked hard! They did flooring, baseboard, doors, yard work and many random tasks that I cant remember at the moment!



I hope everyone is doing well enjoyed all the pictures. The Marquez home is really close to completion and I promise my next post will have more picture of the actual house!

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