Remembering my roots.

This week was all about bringing me back to my roots. Demoing houses, talking about mold, wearing a mask, filling trash bags too full with vinyl tiles so they rip and you do it about 50 more times before you FINALLY get the point...all that good stuff.

I worked with 2 different but equally great groups of volunteers this week getting stuff done across the city. Did some final punch list at Calhoun Street, some demo at Lucinda Cannons, did some yard work, some trash runs, some more demo....laid some sub flooring. It was great. Got lots of work done, and came home at the end of the day tired. Can't ask for much more.

Chad and Sumi tearing up tile at Lucinda Cannon's home.

Mishelle (yay she was back!!...actually this whole group was. They have such a neat story--they met volunteering down here while in college, and a small group of them every year reunite from across the country to volunteer again. Reunion/vacation/volunteering...great idea!) and Sherri showing off the medicine cabinets they hung. Look great.
Chad installing a range.
Range installed. Success.

Demo. Such a shame, but so glad that we can start fixing some of the issues and make this home a really sustainable place to live for the family. UCC is so kind to lend us great volunteers.

Laying a sub-floor to prepare for flooring. More UCC volunteers getting work done!

Devon is a super serious hammer-er. And a great site manager. The Marquez home will be her's for the next few weeks.
Tommy is a champ for cutting all the subfloor for us! He took doodles and scribbles and bad measurements and turned it into perfectly cut subfloor. Thanks!

So that's the update on my end. That and we took a group photo. Dogs included. Check it out, I'm sure it will be posted on the home page (www.pnola.org) in the next few days.

Looking forward to being able to take YOUR picture and post it here the next time.


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