The Nelson Family

Marvin Nelson and his wife and two children have been nominated and chosen by the United Way's Hope for the Holidays Program. This means that in Partnership with the United Way, and Malcom Jenkins and Lance Moore of the New Orleans Saints, PNOLA will be provided the funding to finish The Nelson's home at 1775 N Dupre Street.

PNOLA first met the Nelson's in May of 2009. At that time, they had unfortunately been forced to pay off their mortgage with the insurance money they were awarded and were not left with nearly enough to finish rebuilding their home. Due to a lack of funding we were not able to rebuild their home in 2009, but we kept their information in hopes of one day being able to lend them the assistance they desperately needed.
Once the Nelson's had been selected by the United Way Program at the end of September, we managed to lure them to the Eiffel Society for a private dinner and celebration with the United Way and various Saints Players including the Lance and Malcom who are funding their home. The Nelson's knew that they were being nominated for a funding opportunity BUT they did not know that they had been chosen and that it was in partnership with the United Way involving some of the Saints Players. The Nelson's were elated when they heard the news that they would soon be moving back home.
We have been working at 1775 N Dupre for the past few weeks now and are very happy with the progress we're making. We look forward to welcoming them home in the near future.

Stay tuned for more updates on our current clients.

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