More fencing

Monday again in Midcity. John and I tackled the fence at the office together. It's the first time I ever really put thought into how a fence got to where it was, so it made for an interesting (and kind of slow) morning. The most beautiful weather we have had in months down here made the day go by pretty quickly and the work a little easier. We should be done with the fence no later than the end of the week. I'm pretty sure we should auction off the rights (most of them) to painting it to some one. It's a pretty great canvas.

Two welcome home parties again today!! How great is that?!!! We love to hand over keys to families who have been waiting for over 6 years to get back into their homes. There might not be anything better in the world.

Had a group of skilled volunteers working over on Cleveland Street with Ian getting some framing done. We are super excited to be gearing up for a bunch of new homes to start. Should be a good season.

See you all down here soon (right?!!!!)

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