Hey Hey Hey

Dearest Blog,

It has been a great couple of weeks working with PNOLA. I have had the opportunity to do framing, electrical, and finish/punch list construction. Below is a dear friend Robert Redman and I building a porch at Betty Longo's house. Needless to say, a good wind would have brought the old porch down...

Today I was at Chris Lane's house doing electrical work. It was some tough work. A lot of crawling under the house and re-running lines. I was able to use my new Rigid Oscillating tool to remove the section of cabinet that needed a new outlet for a microwave. Of course, my boy Lenny (below), and I really enjoyed carrying around this new and handy murse(man purse). Lenny is so excited about it that he wanted his picture taken with it.

Holla at ya boy down here in da bayou...

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